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Why hire an interior designer? ​


An Interior Designer can save you time.  

An interior designer can save valuable time at all stages of the design process, from concept and sourcing through to installation. Our experience and industry contacts mean we're able to quickly land on the best design solutions, products and craftspeople to deliver results to our clients in the shortest possible time. Using a designer, particularly one who offers site presence and project management, can keep a job running smoothly and therefore minimise the amount of time spent (not to mention stress) by you, the client. 

An Interior Designer can save you money. 

It may sound counterintuitive, but using ​an interior designer can help you avoid costly mistakes when decorating or renovating your home or commercial project. Furthermore, by sourcing products from trade-only suppliers, or by passing on our trade discounts on retail products, we can provide deals that you may not have access to alone. 

An Interior Designer can create clarity and cohesion. 

At the start of a project, indecision can be paralysing. An experienced interior designer can help distill your style and functional needs into a clear design plan, and help you stay on course throughout your project. Our technical knowledge is also invaluable when dealing with contractors and suppliers, where we act as a liaison and advocate for our clients' needs. 

If you're wondering how I can help with your upcoming project, please get in touch

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